Historic sites

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The Castle of Rochechouart

The Limoges Cathedral

The road 'Richard Cœur de Lion'
In the west of the Limousin Region, on the border of the Charente and the Dordogne Regions, the Richard the Lion Heart Road is a historic road where you will find numerous castles some of which are open to the public and are particularly interesting for their architecture and history. Most of them built in the 11th century, these castles have been the witnesses of endless wars between the Dukes of Aquitaine (which then became England's kings) and the French kings. From castle to castle, just enjoy the charming scenery of the Limousin countryside, full of chestnut trees, swarming with brooks and brimming with lakes. Next to the Bataillou village, the castle of Montbrun and the church of the Salles Lavauguyon are one of the sites you can visit on this Road.

The Castle of Montbrun

The church of the Salles-Lavauguyon